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Origins - A Journey in Water-Based Screen Printing

Posted by B-Unlimited Insider on May 30, 2018 4:08:46 PM

It’s no surprise that our schedule is influenced greatly by that of an academic calendar due to the amount of universities we work with nationwide! We use our summer season to strengthen all facets of who we are. From team culture to production systems, we take a lot of deep breaths preparing for undoubtedly our busiest time of the year, fall!

 With that in mind, we are over the moon about all that’s going on at B-Unlimited this summer! (Don’t worry. We plan to keep you in the loop - always.) July 10th – 12th we will be hosting a conference, Origins - A Journey in Water-Based Screen Printing, alongside some of the best partners in the screen printing market. At first glance water-base screen printing sounds new and revolutionary, but in reality it’s where screen printing all started. Along the way new methods emerged, but only leading to harmful effects and diminishing quality. We arrived at the name Origins for our conference to dive in and get back to where screen printing all started, water-base screen printing. This will hopefully be the first of many events like this for us!

 We believe every person has a responsibility to uphold as we occupy this planet and consume it’s resources.

With the apparel industry being one of the largest contributors to our Earth’s pollution issue, we feel that a step in the respectable direction is to print with water-based ink to reduce the use of harsh chemicals and the need for more petroleum-based products. This responsibility lead us to investigate the world of water-based printing.

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The Round Up on Row at The University of Arkansas

Posted by B-Unlimited Insider on Apr 20, 2018 2:45:40 PM

For those who don’t attend the U of A or aren’t familiar, Row is a spring event that takes place each year on campus! Every fraternity participates by having a date night, function night, and everyone’s favorite part is Saturday, which includes a large concert series - music festival style.

Maybe reading is your thing! Maybe it’s not?If you’re just here for photos, CLICK HERE!

The Five Things You Need to Know!
(If you only read one, skip to number 3)

1. We’ll get this one out of the way - it was cold, like really cold. Was it fun anyway? No doubt, but let’s aim for a warm sunny day next year!
2. Every year B-Unlimited partners with fraternities across campus to make sure merch is taken care of. From custom, hand-drawn t-shirts to wrist bands and all things in between we make sure everything is looking top notch.
3. This year every fraternity in the IFC came together and used this event to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas! A group of guys coming together this year doing an event they do year after year, BUT THIS TIME RAISING OVER $4,000! Let’s give that a solid round of applause!
4. We had a few people from our team on location at the fair grounds where Phi Delta Theta, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Chi, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon did their concert.  If you were there, or maybe if you weren’t, look for your friends! Our photos are HERE!
5. Is your organization looking for a company like ours to make sure your event has the best shirts, banners, hats, etc?
Seriously, drop us a line - we’d love to chat! (hello@b-unlimited.com)


Feel free to download and use the photos! Please tag @bunlimitedfayetteville on Instagram!
All photos are property of B-Unlimited and Kaytie Menz Photography.


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Our top 5 rules this Spring

Posted by B-Unlimited Insider on Mar 16, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Saying YES to Color:

On the radar this Spring! All the bright colors - we're talking bold pops of yellow, red, blue. This year we've seen a HUGE request for custom simple PR tees! On both super soft tees and your classic Comfort Colors. (Inspo below)

Our FIVE rules to live by this Spring:

  • Say yes to bold colors - you won't regret it. 
  • Embrace athleisure.... it's not going anywhere! 
  • White Comfort Colors tees are our latest obsession.
  • Throwback designs are in AND will carry you through to the fall semester. (TBH a perfect gift to pass down to your little)
  • Lastly - take time for yourself! We seriously live and die by the rule 'Work Hark, Play Hard' - we think you should too. It'll make you appreciate both your productive time, and your #selfcare time too!

Our two favorite times of the year are for sure the Spring and the Fall! So many fun events: Mom's Day, Spring Break, Formals, Recruitment, Rush, Football Season, and Christmas... just to name a few. Basically, all great reasons to order custom sorority and fraternity t-shirts for your chapter!

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AXO Print Party

Posted by B-Unlimited Insider on Jan 18, 2018 4:34:41 PM

It starts with Pizza...

Some of our favorite evenings each semester are spent hosting sororities from the University of Arkansas in the space we call home! This particular print party was a sisterhood event to kick off the semester! After renovating and moving into our building only one year ago we've found so much joy in hosting, and getting to know the community around us. 

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Come On In!

Posted by B-Unlimited Insider on Jan 2, 2018 10:00:00 AM

We live and die by three rules:

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